The Mop Tops and The King And
Steve Chelmsford Variety Show

Mop Tops and the King Pic

Hosted by Steve Chelmsford, one of our steady weekly contributors who puts on two excellent shows.  They air as shown on our "Events-Schedule" page.  Hover/click on his picture to go to the Mop Tops and The King web site.

Lorrie Newman Keating

Lorrie Newman Keating Artist

Lorrie was driving through town one day and heard our Radio Station and liked it.  She sent a CD of some of her music to include in our playlist.  She is a Singer/Songwriter, and plays her own music.  She is very very good.  Be sure to hover/click and check out her web site.

Hidden Treasure Trading Co.

Hidden Treasure Store Pic

A source of pride in Goldfield.  It has anything from the Old West days that you are looking for.  Tons of unique items and his own wood carvings, rocks and gold, etc.  If you are looking for "One-Of-A-Kind" you will find it here.  Hover/click

Richard Elloyan with guitarist Steven Wade

Richar Elloyan and Steven Wade Pic

Richard has just release another of his many CDs.  His lead song "40 Miles of Famous" won 1st Place for 2014 In Reno, Nevada.  He began singing his Western music in 1997 and hasn't slowed down since.  Stories of the cowboys while roaming Virginia City as a boy fueled his dreams.  Dave Stamey has said "Richard is a songwriter with so much talent it should be illegal".  Hover/click for his site.

Steve Spurgin

Steve Spurgin Singer Pic

Steve started with classical piano at the age of 5 and the performing bug hit in the 60s with a Folk Guitar.  He has performed in various venues over the years, and did Voice-Overs for TV and radio.  His passion is songwriting.  He writes from the heart with Emphasis on Quality and Style.  His latest endeavor was writing the book titled "Skint Knee Texas" which is hard to put down.  Hover/click to visit his site.

M&K Enterprises

M&K Enterprises Pic

For your Porta-Potty and Storage needs contact M&K at 775/482-6841.  They are located at 726 N Main Street in Tonopah.  M&K has been a
Sponsor since the inception of the current KGFN.  See a map to them by hover/clicking.

Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon Singers Pic

Roger Wade and Jeanne Danowski comprise the Midnight Moon Duo. Their music ranges from Classic Country to 50s, 60s, 70s and Rock and Blues.  Rogers Tenor voice is evident as he performs as Mary Robbins.  His awards include the Canadian Country Music award and the Tribute Artist Of The Year.  Hove/click for their site.

The Dinky Diner

Dinky Diner

The Dinky diner, a very long time supporter, has great home cooked meals with a super friendly staff.  They have been voted No 1 Restaurant on highway 95.  Located at 323 Crook St. (on Highway 95). .

Goldfield Historical District

Histsorical District Pic

Hover/click on our High School picture to go to the web site and see their efforts to restore and preserve our Historical Landmarks here in Goldfield.  You can also view their upcoming events.

Ed Stabler

Ed Stabler Singer Pic

Ed is a Singer/Songwriter and Fingerstyle Guitar picker.  He got his start in the 1960's.  He was nominated for 8 awards by the Academy of Western Artists and has recorded 3 albums.  He is a familiar presence at the Chicken Farm Art Center.  He is reachable at  Hover/click for his site.

Cisco's Restaurant

Cisco Restaurant Tonopah Nevada

If you are in the mood for some
 "Great Eats" check out our "Long Time" sponsor in Tonopah.  they
 have the largest menu selection I have seen in a fast food restaurant.  Just about anything you want to eat.  Located at 702 N. Main Street.
  Phone 775/485-5022

The Goldfield Gift Shop
and Candy Store

Goldfiel Gift Shop Pic

This is one of our local gift shops.  Rent space to put your treasures on display for sale.  Lisa will collect for you and give you a monthly accounting.  Her gift inventory is plentiful.  The coffee post is always on so stop in and say "Hi" and check out her store.  Hover/click for the web site.

Doug Haywood

Doug Haywood Singer Pic

Doug is a Songwriter whose songs have been recorded by many many singers.  Doug has sung and played bass on recordings and on stage with singers too numerous to list.  He performs, produces and sings the material he has written.  You can visit  his site and hear his music by hover/clicking.

Tonopah Station-Santa Fe Saloon-Banc Club Casino-Bug Bar

Marsh Properties Pic

Tonopah Station Casino and RV Park is located at 1137 S Main Street in You guessed it, Tonopah.  775/482-9777.  The Santa Fe Saloon is located in Goldfield. 775/485-3431.  Stop in and see the Meanest Bartender in Nevada.  the Banc Club Casino is at 360 N Main in Tonopah, 775/482-5409 and the Bug Bar is at 319 Cross in Tonopah.  775/482-0442.

John Malcolm Penn

John Malcolm Penn Singer Songwriter

John was influenced and learned from Guy Clark - Brownie McGee.  He began writing in the military of observations, love and hardship.  He has had Gigs with Emmy Lou Harris, Rodney Crowell, backed Freddy Fender and sang with Steve Spurgin.  He is signed to Blue Night Records with his album Hangtown Fry.  Hover/click to his website and contact information.

Wagner-Ace Hardware

Wagner Ace Hardware Hawthorne Nevada

Located at 440 E Street in Hawthorne, Nevada.  If you cannot find it anywhere else, chances are it will be stocked here.  If not it will be quickly ordered for you.  They can be reached at 775/945-2491.  Website coming soon.

Goldfield Chamber of Commerce

Goldfield Chamber Commerce Pic

Hover/click here to see sources for business connections and community events.

The Burro Express Newsletter

Burro Express Newsletter Pic

This is a quarterly newsletter.  They have articles, stories and jokes.  These are found in the Prospector, Humor and Jest Kidding sections of their web site.  They can be reached at 775/485-3559 or email to for subscription information. 

Dave Manning

Dave Minning Singer Pic

Dave is living the traditional life of the Traveling Storytelling Songwriter.  He tours in Vincent, his '65' VW Microbus.  He performs from Alaska to Arizona and everywhere in between.  Dave is an engaging performer with soulful ballads, blues, country, boogie woogie and poetry.  He is often compared with Tom Waits.  Hover/click for his web site.

Barbarossa and Bear Vintage Wares

Barbarossa and Bear Store Pic

If you like classic motorcycles, new, antique and vintage mining supplies, gold and silver jewelry, handmade items and gifts for all ages, shop here.  You will not be disappointed.  Hover/click.

Atom Splash Internet

Atom Splash Internet Pic

Atom Splashes goal is to provide stable and dependable internet services to even the most remote rural Nevada locations from Las Vegas to Hawthorn and everywhere in between.  They can be reached at 1-877-268-0157 or hover/click to visit their web site.

Dave Stamey

Dave Stamey Singer Pic

Dave has been a cowboy, mule packer, dude wrangler and is now a Western Entertainer.  He has been voted Entertainer Of The Year and Songwriter Of The Year, Male Performer Of The Year and has
 received the Will Rogers award.  He is a delight to all audiences he plays for.  Hover/click to visit his site.

Central Nevada Hardware

Central Nevada Hardware Pic

Charley carries anything and everything you could need.  If not in stock he will supply it within a few days.  He is located at 151 N Main Street in Tonopah.  His telephone number is 775/482-9996.  Charley has been a "Long Time" sponsor of KGFN so be sure to Thank him when you visit.

Robert Thornton Keny

Robert Thornton Kent Singer Songwriter

Robert has been described as a 'real-life-gypsy-and-romantic'.  His music reflects a passion for living, travel, romance and love.  He performs Coast-to-Coast at all venue types.  His style has been compared to Dylan-Taylor-Lightfoot-VanZandt and Drake to name a few.  In the beginning he hitched rides and hopped freight trains chasing his dreams.  Hover/click to his website and contact information.